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We're recruiting a Communications Officer!

The Environment Centre NT and COOLmob are looking for a talented Communications Officer to join our team. 

This role will be working across COOLmob, the new Smart Cooling in the Tropics Project and ECNT's campaigns (Anti-Uranium, Don't Frack the Territory, Safe Harbour, Climate Change and our Policy and Fundraising work). 

The position description is available here.

Please forward this to your networks. 

Smart Cooling in the Tropics









Coming to Darwin: Energy savings for low income communities plus innovative social research in a major new project. 

Smart Cooling in the Tropics is COOLmob's newest initiative. This two year project will see us working with a consortium of social welfare and research partners to deliver energy efficiency measures which will help low income householders save energy, save on power bills while finding low-energy ways to keep cool. 

We're working with Carers NT, COTA NT, Melaleuca Refugee Centre and Yilli Housing to recruit their clients for the project. COOLmob will be engaging hundreds of households from multicultural, refugee and Indigenous communities, seniors, carers and people with disabilities. And we're working with Charles Darwin University's Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) to gather and analyse evaluation data and help the LIEEP program nationally paint a picture of how low income communities use, and can reduce, energy at home. 

The project is funded by the Federal Government's Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (LIEEP) and runs until the end of 2015. 

COOLmob is currently recruiting a new team of Smart Cooling experts. Stay tuned for more updates! 

For more information contact COOLmob


Update on COOLmob home audits - January 2014

COOLmob is known as the Territory 'one stop shop' for home energy savings advice, product discounts and free information. A big part of our service over the past decade has been our $10 COOLmob Home Energy Audits - but now these audits are no longer available. 

COOLmob was funded by the Territory Government through environmetnal grants and also by Power Water Corporation who funded COOLmob Home Audits. Unfortunately this funding was ceased in 2013. What does this mean? COOLmob now has only one staff member and has had to end our audit staff employment, along with that of project staff. This means we've got reduced capacity to deliver services for a while. 

Never fear, we will continue to seek funds and opportunities to boost our team and our capacity! You may have heard the good news that COOLmob has received federal government funding to deliver the Smart Cooling in the Tropics project which will deliver 480 home energy audits to targeted low income communities in and around Darwin. This new project will also significantly expand our team again. 

COOLmob is also taking names of people interested in receiving a home energy audit if/when the service becomes funded. Contact coolmob@ecnt.org to register your interest. We are also collecting expressions of interest from individuals, organisations and businesses who might like to either pay for a home assessment, or to receive a COOLmob energy saving workshop, or workshop on any sustainable living topic (saving water, reducing waste, sustainable house design, sustainable gardening and so on). Email us to let us know what you're intersted in, and please be patient if we do not respond quickly. 

In the meantime, check out our DIY Audits page, read through the resources on this website and keep finding ways to save energy at home. 



Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Join an online Sustainable Neighbourhoods community!

Sustainable Neighbourhoods workshops took place in ten suburbs in and around Darwin in 2013-14. Find and join the group closest to you so you can learn and benefit from all the great ways people are already living sustainably here: from food swaps to selling chickens, backyard solar workshops and tips on harvesting rainwater - you'll find an abundance of ideas amongst your neighbours. Stay tuned to COOLmob for news of any future Sustainable Neighbourhoods activities. 

For more info visit the Sustainable Neighbourhoods page and our Facebook page
Or email: coolmob@ecnt.org

Fill in our Tropical Building Research Questionaire

COOLmob, in conjunction with the University of Adelaide and the CSIRO, is supporting a research project into Thermal Comfort in Naturally Ventilated Dwellings in our hot humid climate. We hope this research will lead to better tropically designed homes. Please fill in our short survey if you live in a partially or wholly naturally ventilated house. Click here to go straight to the survey Read more »

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