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About the program

The COOLmob Footprints on the Land Project is funded by the Australian Federal Government, and aims to educate the Top End community around carbon emissions and how as individuals and businesses we are able to measure our carbon footprint, or in other words the impact our daily habits and actions have on the planet.

This project will use interactive tools like carbon footprint calculators, educational resources and workshops to help the Top End community understand how we can reduce our impact on the planet and our carbon emissions. 

This project will provide the Top End community with resources to understand why and how we can offset carbon emissions that cannot be reduced or eliminated, for example, the carbon emissions from flying overseas. 

This project will provide information on how you can offset your carbon emissions, either individually or from your business, through the Indigenous Carbon Industry Network, supporting Indigenous projects in the Territory. 

Through partnering with City of Darwin Council, local Landcare groups and other interested groups, this project will run tree planting workshops to allow people to get involved and active in planting locally suitable trees, greening Darwin and ensuring that we have mature and suitable trees in the future to keep our city green, cool and more climate friendly. You really can't have enough large trees and these take a long time to mature! 

Want to get involved or partner with us? We'd love to hear from you - email us today