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SHD Tour 1: Aralia Street Nightcliff

SUNDAY 16 JUN 2024 | 11:30AM - 12:15PM

Private Home

12 Aralia St 0810

This tour will commence at 11.30am and will be guided by COOLmob Sustainability Coordinator, Bridget

Architectural Significance:

This home has been designed by Troppo Architects in Darwin. Troppo are renowned for their architectural contribution to the built environment of the NT. Their homes seamlessly blend innovative, climate-responsive design with sustainability and a deep connection to the natural environment. This house displays:
  • Passive Thermal Design: Utilization of building orientation, thermal mass, and natural ventilation to optimize thermal comfort and reduce reliance on mechanical heating and cooling systems
  • Sustainable Material Use and Renewable Energy Integration: Implementation of sustainably sourced, low-embodied energy materials and integration of renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic solar panels, to minimize the ecological footprint and promote energy independence.
  • Low thermal mass: Incorporate materials with low thermal mass, such as corrugated iron, cement sheets, timber, to minimize any heat absorption.
  • Solar PV system
  • Roof Design: Utilize light-colored roofing materials to reflect heat. Design roofs with high pitches to allow hot air to rise and escape, aiding in natural cooling.
  • Local and Durable Materials: Use materials that are resilient to the tropical climate, such as termite-resistant timbers, weather-resistant paints, and corrosion-resistant metals.
  • Cyclone-Resistant Construction
  • Insulation and Ventilation: Incorporate insulation in walls and roofs to reduce heat gain.

Terms and Conditions for attending property: 

Please read through the House Rules and Terms and Conditions for attending homes on Sustainable House Day Darwin: 

Sustainable House Day Darwin Terms and Conditions - COOLmob


This is a private residence and parking is limited to street parking.

COOLmob encourage you to ride or walk to this property. 


Private Home
12 Aralia St
Nightcliff, NT 0810
Google map and directions
Bridget · · 0410 118 586