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Calculate your footprint

Using a carbon footprint calculator helps you understand how your daily actions and lifestyle contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and climate pollution.

Carbon footprint calculators use data to model and average impacts on greenhouse gas emissions. When using a footprint calculator keep in mind that the result is an estimate, which can be used as an education tool to inspire you to make more mindful decisions when consuming energy and water, creating waste, choosing food products, making transport and travel decisions, and purchasing clothes and other items. We live in a global society, and so when making consumption decisions, we need to consider the entire lifecycle of a product to understand how many emissions have gone into making the product as well as how we will use it and then what happens at it's end of life. 

Calculate your carbon footprint

We recommend using one of the calculators below to estimate your carbon footprint. 

Understanding your outcome and reducing your footprint 

We encourage you to use your outcome to guide further insight and actions. As these calculators are only an estimate, you can take a closer and more accurate look at the findings of different topics covered (e.g. energy use) by using data you can obtain, like analysing your power bill.

For energy use, you can use your bill to compare yourself to the NT average, understand where you are using the most power in your home, and explore how you could reduce this. With energy use it is also important to differentiate between whether you use solar energy or are using power from the grid, which is powered by coal, a fossil fuel that is non-renewable and very carbon intensive. 

We've put together some resources and tools to help you understand your impact in more detail, how to find out more accurate information of your 'actual' footprint, and how to reduce your emissions.  

Check out the resources and tools now!