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Reduce Water Use

Territorians use more water per capita than any other state or Territory. Water is a limited resource. If we use too much of it, there won’t be enough for our future needs.Water does have a price, and is essential to all life so it is important to respect the clean drinking water we are all lucky to have.

Ancient water in underground rivers

Alice Springs and Tennant Creek are both located in arid zones where surface water is scarce. These towns rely upon limited groundwater resources. This water can take hundreds of years to filter through the sandstone to recharge these ancient underground aquifers. Many of these aquifers are a part of important cultural sites.

Use less water to avoid new dams for Darwin

Darwin lies in a wet-dry tropical zone where rain is usually confined to the wet season (November to April). Although water is plentiful during the wet season, it is important to remember that the region is in drought for the remaining 6-9 months of the year. Darwin’s water comes from a combination of groundwater from Howard Springs (15%) and surface water in the Darwin River Dam (85%). Darwin’s already-high per capita water use could drive the need to build a destructive new dam if it gets any higher, so conserving water now will help the environment in more ways than one.

More water down the drain means wastewater

The clean drinking water we use ends up in our sewerage systems where it needs to be treated with chemicals before being discharged. What a waste!

A grey water treatment system reduces the amount of water going down the drain and can be used to water your garden.

Where water disappears into thin air

The NT has some of the highest evaporation rates in the world. If you have ever owned a pool in the Territory, you will know what we are talking about! You can reduce evaporation rates by covering up your pool in the cool seasons, shading your pool and by planting a garden with native shady trees to provide cover from the hot Territory sun.

In the garden

It is important to have the correct irrigation equipment and regime to ensure you are using water in the garden efficiently. The Living Water Smart website has information about rebates for water saving devices.

Planting a native garden or permaculture veggie patch which is well adapted to our harsh climate is a great way to reduce the amount of water your garden needs.

There are plenty of local groups available to help you choose the right plants or you can join your local community garden.

Greening Australia

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Living Water Smart

Living Water Smart

For more great water saving tips and tools, as well as information on the Water Saving Rebates, visit the Living Water Smart website.