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What is sustainable living

Sustainable living involves taking deliberate action to reduce your individual environmental footprint by making changes to your lifestyle habits to live more efficiently. It also involves positively influencing economic, cultural and social drivers of excessive consumption, waste and pollution to improve the whole sustainability of our society. You can learn more about sustainable living and sustainable development through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Many people across the world are choosing to live more sustainably as they have realised that we all inhabit one planet with limited natural resources.  To sustain the 7.6 billion people living on Earth, we all need to make every effort to use these resources wisely and keep waste and pollution to a minimum. 

It is a shocking fact that just 20% of the world’s population use 80% of the world’s resources. Most of these people live in wealthy, developed nations such as Australia. Sustainable Living actions may include: 

  • Limiting your water and energy use 
  • Using renewable energy sources wherever possible 
  • Limiting your waste generation going to landfill 
  • Limiting your use of plastic, toxic chemicals and other sources of environmentally persistent pollution 
  • Using renewable resources for building houses and furniture. 
  • Reusing resources wherever possible and then recycling. 
  • Making informed sustainable consumer choices and being conscious of marketing campaigns 
  • Promoting natural habitat for plants, animals and birds 
  • Naturally improving the soil to increase carbon uptake, water holding capacity and promote plant growth
  • Growing your own native, tropical foods to increase biodiversity and connection to place, reduce carbon miles, waste and use of industrial fertilisers
  • Maintaining the natural connection between yourself and other living things by considering yourself as part of the Earth’s ecosystem
  • Enjoying and learning from nature through fun activities such as bushwalking, bird watching, snorkelling or kayaking 

Sustainable living is easy. The challenge is to make small steps over time to change your lifestyle habits and consumer choices, some of which may be challenged by marketing campaigns telling you to consume more than you need to. Sustainable living rewards your health and wellbeing and can be fun. 

The COOLmob team is ready to help get you started on your sustainable living journey!