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Who We Are

COOLmob is the sustainable living initiative of the Environment Centre NT in Darwin, Australia.  

COOLmob aims to assist and inspire Territorians to take positive actions to reduce their climate impact by living more sustainably.  

COOLmob works in two major regions of the Northern Territory. COOLmob Top End is managed by the Environment Centre NT. It works with urban communities in Darwin and Palmerston as well as the broader Darwin rural area. COOL Desertmob is managed by the Arid Lands Environment Centre. It works with the remote and semi-urban communities in Tennant Creek and Alice Springs.  

Our mission

COOLmob staff and volunteers work with Top End households and the community to help them live more sustainably and decrease their carbon footprints. We do this through programs educating around: 

  • Improved home energy efficiency for homes and businesses 
  • Reduced water consumption 
  • Reduced waste going to landfill 
  • Smarter shopping and consumption  
  • Eating locally and sustainably  
  • How to build or renovate your home with sustainable design principles so it is suitable for the tropics 
  • Networking with community members and organisations to share sustainability practices 
  • Working with local schools to teach young Territorians how they can reduce their climate impact and live more sustainably 
  • To provide advice to small business, industry and government where relevant 

The COOLmob Program is a community effort. A huge number of people have been involved at various stages to make it all happen. COOLmob volunteers continue to help us in the office, at public events and undertaking special jobs as they arise. We thank you all for your support.