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COOLmob Commercial

COOLmob Commercial is a business arm of COOLmob that helps Northern Territory businesses and institutions reduce their carbon footprint via energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that also reduce energy expenditure. Our aim is to provide a cost-competitive consulting service to identify energy saving solutions for sites within the NT. 

Our Darwin-based engineering team is widely experienced in the field of energy efficiency, having served facilities across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific for over 10 years, at facilities including office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, universities, airports, hotels, casinos, manufacturing sites, cold-storage warehouses and agricultural processing facilities. 

Contact COOLmob to see how we can help your organisation improve energy performance. 

COOLmob Commercial Services 

Energy audits 

Energy auditing is our core business. An audit will provide you with a suite of potential energy efficiency and renewable energy measures for your site, each with a scope of works quantified with budget costs, energy savings and emissions reduction. This is the first step towards saving energy at your facility. 

The Australian Standard for commercial and industrial energy audits is AS/NZS3598:2014, under which three types of audits are defined: 

  • Type 1 – Basic energy audit 
  • Type 2 – Detailed energy audit 
  • Type 3 – Precision subsystem audit 

We can help you decide which is most suited to the needs of your organisation. 

Energy Surveys 

For clients with small, simple sites or whom otherwise do not require the complexity of even a Type 1 energy audit, we can provide an Energy Survey. Under this scope, we will conduct a walk-through site inspection and provide a brief tabularised report outlining the opportunities for energy cost reduction that we identified. 

NABERS rating improvement 

NABERS Energy ratings are a key driver in the commercial office sector and now a mandatory requirement under the Commonwealth’s Commercial Building Disclosure legislation for buildings >1,000sqm. Talk to us about how to improve the NABERS performance of your site.