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Join us as we head out to Tropiculture in Bees Creek for this week's online workshop to chat all things edible food trees and getting your garden ready for planting with local horticulturalist David. Owner and horticulturalist Chris Nathaniel receives countless questions from shoppers each weekend and we thought, what a great opportunity to answer all the common ones online! 

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Tropiculture Australia was established 40 years ago by the Nathanael Family at Bees Creek, in the Darwin rural area. Over 200 varieties of fruit are grown in an orchard of 4,000 trees, with some being used for Research and Development. The Food Plant Production Nursery produces over 400 different varieties of fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and spices supplying commercial growers, retail nurseries and the general public in Australia and overseas. Tropifert Australia manufactures organic based fertilisers, potting mix, Fish’n Chips liquid plant food and other sundry products and is the major manufacturer of fertilisers in the Northern Territory.