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Thermal Comfort Forum

SUNDAY 16 JUN 2024 | 2:00PM - 4PM

Event Centre, Botanic Gardens


Join us for an engaging and informative Thermal Comfort Forum, where we will delve into the latest advancements and practices in creating comfortable and sustainable living environments. This event will bring together experts and community members to share insights, innovations, and practical solutions for enhancing thermal comfort in our homes and buildings.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Simon Quilty & Jimmy Frank

We are honored to have Dr. Simon Quilty as our keynote speaker. Dr. Quilty, a distinguished physician based in remote NT, serves as the CEO of Wilya Janta. He will be joined by Jimmy Frank, a Warumungu Leader and Wilya Janta Chair.

About Wilya Janta

Wilya Janta are designing and building display homes. They are the first ever display homes designed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people. The results will be beautiful, functional, culturally safe, thermally efficient, off-grid, climate resilient housing that maintains a connection between the built environment, the community, and the natural surroundings.

You can read more about the amazing work Wilya Janta are doing here: Wilya Janta (Standing Strong) Housing Collaboration

Event Highlights

  • Presentations from CSIRO: Discover cutting-edge research and innovations in thermal comfort and sustainable building practices from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

  • Local Building Designers and Tropical Architects: Gain insights from local experts who will share their experiences and strategies for designing and constructing buildings that prioritize thermal comfort in our unique climate.

  • Interactive Discussions and Networking: Engage with industry professionals, community leaders, and fellow attendees in meaningful conversations about the future of thermal comfort and sustainable living.

Why Attend?

  • Support the work by Wilya Janta
  • Community Focus: Understand the importance of culturally appropriate solutions and how they can be implemented in local contexts
  • Learn from Experts: Hear from leading professionals and organizations about the latest trends and technologies in thermal comfort
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to improving living conditions through sustainable practices.

Register Today

Don’t miss this very special opportunity to be part of a transformative event focused on enhancing thermal comfort in our communities. Register now to secure your spot and join us in building a more comfortable and sustainable future.


Event Centre, Botanic Gardens
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