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SHD Tour 2: Lantana Court, Nightcliff

SUNDAY 16 JUN 2024 | 10:15AM - 11AM

Private Home

7 Lantana Ct 0810

This tour will commence at 10.15am and will be guided by COOLmob Sustainability Coordinator, Bridget

Architectural Significance:

This home has been designed by Troppo Architects in Darwin. Troppo are renowned for their architectural contribution to the built environment of the NT. Their homes seamlessly blend innovative, climate-responsive design with sustainability and a deep connection to the natural environment. This house displays:
  • Passive Thermal Design: Utilization of building orientation, thermal mass, and natural ventilation to optimize thermal comfort and reduce reliance on mechanical heating and cooling systems
  • Biophilic Integration: Incorporation of biophilic design principles that enhance the connection between occupants and nature, promoting psychological well-being and environmental harmony.
  • Sustainable Material Use and Renewable Energy Integration: Implementation of sustainably sourced, low-embodied energy materials and integration of renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic solar panels, to minimize the ecological footprint and promote energy independence.
  • Low thermal mass: Incorporate materials with low thermal mass, such as corrugated iron, timber, to minimize any heat absorption.
  • Roof Design: Utilize light-colored roofing materials to reflect heat. Design roofs with high pitches to allow hot air to rise and escape, aiding in natural cooling.
  • Local and Durable Materials: Use materials that are resilient to the tropical climate, such as termite-resistant timbers, weather-resistant paints, and corrosion-resistant metals.
  • Cyclone-Resistant Construction
  • Insulation and Ventilation: Incorporate insulation in walls and roofs to reduce heat gain.

Terms and Conditions for attending property: 

Please read through the House Rules and Terms and Conditions for attending homes on Sustainable House Day Darwin: 

Sustainable House Day Darwin Terms and Conditions - COOLmob


This is a private residence and parking is limited to street parking.

COOLmob encourage you to ride or walk to this property. 






Private Home
7 Lantana Ct
Nightcliff, NT 0810
Google map and directions
Bridget · · 0410118586
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