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Leave only footprints


Here are some tips for travelling the Top End sustainably:

  • Hire Car Fuel Efficiency: If you are hiring a car while travelling around the Northern Territory prioritize a car with high fuel efficiency ratings. Consider the size and engine type of the rental car. Smaller cars with smaller engines will consume less fuel. If your travel needs allow for a compact or midsize vehicle, it's a greener choice compared to a larger model. 
    At the moment, EVs aren't typically hired out at Darwin car-rentals, as there no charging stations in the remote parts of the territory. However you can inquire about hybrid cars. 

  • Eco-Tourism: The NT has some of the best sustainable, eco-certified and Aboriginal-owned travel experiences in Australia. Check out the Northern Territory website for information on sustainable travel in the NT, including a list of tourism experiences are eco-certified
  • Support Local Businesses: Contribute to local economies by supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability. Discover local shops, markets, and restaurants for an authentic and green travel experience. 

    Markets in the NT are a great mix of flavour and colour. Check out the Northern Territory Markets guide to markets in the Top End, including what bus to use to get to each one. 

  • Minimize Environmental Impact: Be a responsible traveler by minimizing your environmental footprint. Practice responsible waste management, conserve energy, and respect the local environment. This includes keeping an eye on your air conditioner thermostat in your accommodation. Remember, keeping the thermostat between 24-26 degrees provides the ultimate comfort levels for you to keep cool. 

  • Immerse in Nature: Experience the beauty of tropical ecosystems responsibly. Follow designated trails, respect wildlife, and contribute to the preservation of natural habitats.