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What is the emergency


The world is in a state of climate emergency. The climate crisis poses a formidable threat to the unique ecosystems that define Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to the vast expanses of arid outback.

In recent years, Australia has experienced unprecedented heatwaves, exacerbating water scarcity issues and challenging the resilience of both urban and rural communities. The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as cyclones and floods, are on the rise, demanding urgent attention and collective action. Darwin, in particular, faces the dual challenge of adapting to a changing climate while promoting sustainable living practices that mitigate further environmental degradation.

The effects of climate change for the Top End include: 

  • More days above 30° and 35°C
  • Higher average temperatures
  • More frequent and severe extreme weather events
  • Increased sea level rise
  • More frequent and severe flooding events
  • Longer dry periods

The impacts of these are already felt in Darwin. They are projected to intensity.