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Stay cool, not cold


How to use your current system efficiently

Using air conditioners efficiently is crucial for both comfort and energy savings. Here's a list of ways people can use air conditioners efficiently: 

  1. Thermostat settings: Set the thermostat to an optimal temperature range (around 24-26 degrees Celsius) for comfort while minimizing energy consumption. Each degree lower can significantly increase energy usage. 

  2. Use Programmable Thermostats: Invest in programmable thermostats to automatically adjust the temperature based on your schedule. You can set higher temperatures when you're in and out of a room or asleep to save energy.

  3. Maintain Regular Servicing: Schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioner to ensure it operates efficiently. Clean or replace filters as recommended to maintain proper airflow.

  4. Seal Leaks and Insulate: Seal gaps and cracks in doors, windows, and walls to prevent cool air from escaping and warm air from entering. Proper insulation helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature. 

  5. Use Fans in Conjunction: Fans create a wind-chill effect, allowing you to set the thermostat at a slightly higher temperature. 

  6. Close Curtains and Blinds: Keep curtains and blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day to block out sunlight and reduce the load on your air conditioner. Consider using reflective or light-colored window coverings. 

  7. Avoid Overcooling Empty Spaces: Turn off or adjust the temperature when leaving home to avoid cooling empty spaces. Use programmable thermostats to schedule temperature adjustments based on your daily routine. 

  8. Use Zoning: If possible, set up zoning in your home to cool specific areas rather than the entire house. Close vents in unused rooms to redirect cool air to occupied spaces. 

  9. Shade Outdoor Units: Install shade structures or use landscaping to provide shade for the outdoor condenser unit. Cooler outdoor units operate more efficiently. 

  10. Limit Use of Heat-Generating Appliances: Minimize the use of heat-generating appliances like ovens and stoves during the hottest parts of the day. 

New air conditioners and energy efficiency

When buying a new system, you can look for models with good energy performance. Here are some points to consider when shopping for your next system:  

  1. Energy Star Rating:  Look for air conditioners with the Energy Star label. This certification ensures that the unit meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Australian government. 
  2. Inverter Technology: Choose models with inverter technology. Inverter air conditioners adjust the compressor speed according to the cooling or heating demand, leading to more efficient operation and better temperature control. 
  3. Capacity Sizing: Ensure that the capacity of the air conditioner matches the size of the room. An oversized or undersized unit may lead to inefficiency and higher energy consumption. 
  4. Zoning Capabilities: If you are looking for a whole house solution, opt for air conditioners with zoning capabilities. Zoning allows you to control the temperature in different areas of your home independently, optimizing energy usage. 
  5. Variable Fan Speeds: Models with variable fan speeds provide more control over the airflow, allowing you to adjust the settings based on your comfort needs and saving energy in the process 
  6. Smart Thermostats and Controls: Choose air conditioners that are compatible with smart thermostats or come with advanced control systems. Smart thermostats enable you to schedule temperature adjustments, monitor energy usage, and optimize settings remotely. 
  7. Timer and Programming Features: Air conditioners with timer and programming features allow you to schedule cooling or heating cycles, ensuring the system is only in operation when needed. 
  8. Government Rebates and Incentives: Check for available government rebates and incentives for energy-efficient air conditioners. These programs can help offset the initial cost and encourage the adoption of more sustainable cooling solutions.