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Where does NT's energy come from?


Depending on where you live in the NT, your electricity may come from the burning of natural gas, the burning of diesel or solar generation.

Solar electricity from solar panels on your rooftop generates zero climate pollution so is therefore the most sustainable energy source.


Electricity is generated from natural gas at the Channel Island power station (310MW) and Weddell Power Station (129MW).

Alice Springs

Electricity is generated by the Uterne Solar Power Station (4.1MW), from natural gas at the Ron Goodwin Power Station (45MW) and from natural gas and diesel at the Owen Springs Power Station (36MW).

Tennant Creek

Electricity is generated from a mix of natural gas and diesel at the Tennant Creek Power Station (17MW).

Remote Communities

Electricity is generated by a mix of diesel and solar PV, depending where you live.

For more information, see Territory Generation