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Spark a shift in your style


How you live in your home makes a huge difference to the power bill each quarter. Even if you had an amazingly sustainable design and only 5 Star Rated appliances, if you have ‘energy hungry behaviours’ your power bill won’t be as low as it could. 

Small and FREE wins can be made in any home by adjusting your behaviour. These include:

  • turning off the lights when you leave the room
  • having only one fridge in the house
  • ensuring the fridges have good seals
  • turning off electrical appliances at the wall
  • using the cold water setting on your washing machine
  • waiting for a full load before turning on the dishwasher
  • using a fan before an air-conditioner
  • setting your air-conditioner to 24 – 26 degrees
  • making sure all doors and windows are closed when using air-conditioning
  • setting your pool pump timer so it runs between 6pm and 6am