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Alternatives to air conditioners

Try cooling down by the following ideas to reduce the time you're running the air-conditioner:

  • taking a cold shower before going to bed
  • cool the room for 20 minutes before sleeping
  • set the timer to switch off after you go to sleep or set to sleep mode
  • use the fans instead
  • only put the air conditioner on when necessary
  • turn the air conditioner up a few degrees and take off the covers

Did you know that the cooler the temperature you set your air conditioner, the more it costs you to run? Every degree you lower the thermostat, you increase running costs by 10%! All air conditioners are designed to produce air at 17-18°C. They will pump out air at 17°C until the room reaches the temperature you set on your controller.

COOLmob have found that 30% of Darwin residents sleep without air conditioning in the wet season.

Tips on using your air conditioner so it uses less electricity

  • If you run a fan when you have the air conditioner on you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees while still feeling comfortable. The air conditioner will reduce the humidity and the fan will cool you by increasing the air flow across your skin. Every degree warmer you set your air conditioner temperature control will save you money. Many people find 27-28°C (‘dry’ season temperatures) a comfortable setting for air conditioners when a room fan running.
  • Check all windows and doors are properly closed and well sealed. Buy door strips/draught stoppers to prevent cool air escaping from your air conditioned rooms and have good insulation.
  • Check the air conditioner is not in the sun. Have air conditioners fitted to a shaded wall area or try to create shade so the air entering the air conditioner is cool. That way the air conditioner does not have to work so hard to cool your air.

Did you know?!

A small air conditioner (<2kW) running for 10 hours a day every day of the year will cost between $292 – $584 per year while a large 3.5kW air conditioner run for the same time will cost between $510 – $1920 per year. Passively cooled houses have less need for air conditioners so save you lots of money.

An inverter air conditioner run for similar periods will cost approximately 30% less. New ‘solar’ air conditioners can save additional cost on power bills too.